Public Corridors
& Fire Separations

Typical Projects:

BCIN qualified Designer clients typically give us base building information and Autocad drawings and schedules. In a few days they get a PDF by email containing a stamped drawing that includes the minimum information required to obtain a permit for the portion of the project that has to be done by an architect.

These projects are usually in office, industrial, and mixed-use buildings over three stories in height or 6,450 square feet on any floor, and usually involve changing the number or configuration of suites on a single floor.

Feasibility Studies:

We also analyze existing conditions to determine the building code requirements for, and feasibilty of, proposed uses. This can help designer efficiency and lease negotiations in the short term, or strategic plans in the long term.

Other Related Services:

As a fully licensed architectural practice, we are capable of performing other kinds of work for our existing clients. Modifcations to building skins, creation of or modifications to mezzanines, creation of exterior barrier free facilities, etc. are sometimes part of our project scope, but our specialty is simple landlord and tenant remodelling.